An older two-storey white brick building that stands independently in downtown Fergus on the main street with a store front of windows, with black panels beneath them at ground level. A few steps up on the right side lead to the glass door to enter the restaurant. On the second floor, two windows are beneath black and white striped awnings. Beneath the windows a red illuminated sign runs the length of the front of the building that reads, in yellow text, Black & White Restaurant. In white text it reads Canadian and Chinese Food, take out service. The inside view of the restaurant is naturally blocked by many green plants growing on a ledge inside the restaurant.

A local favourite, the Black & White restaurant is embedded in the history and character of downtown Fergus. Chinese-Canadian food cooked up fresh in an old-fashioned diner setting, this restaurant has been a gathering spot for friends and family for generations. Good food and friendly service are always on the menu.

Black & White Restaurant
252 St. Andrew Street West
Fergus Ontario N1M1N7

Hours of Operation