A unique building in downtown Fergus the Groves House features a three-story stone house, with a lighter stone outlining the homes frame and window frames, features two peaked dormies in the metal roof. There are two windows beneath it. On the main level a large rounded window. The rental unit, on the right of the building, has a step up to a red door, a single large window with an iron grate and decorative dormie window with a peak roof on the second floor. High on the metal roof there is a sunroof.

Step inside the historic home of Dr. Abraham Groves, built in 1880. The limestone structure is ideally located in the core of downtown Fergus, close to everything you’ll want to experience here, most notably the views of the Grand River, pubs, restaurants and theatre.  The beautifully appointed self-contained suite features a private entrance, queen bed with an ensuite, modern laundry facilities and free wireless and cable TV.

Groves House
120 St. David Street South
Fergus Ontario N1M2L3

Hours of Operation