Exterior image of the Ikiru Sushi restaurant in downtown Fergus, with three large windows, each displaying the business name in white panels with a red circle and black printing across the bottom of the windows, similiar to a Japanese flag. A glass door opens into the restaurant on the far right side. The building, with grey horizontal siding has a back and yellow large sign centered over the windows that reads Ikiru Sushi, Japanese Restaurant, their phone number and L.L.B.O.

Sushi in Fergus? Absolutely! Ikiru Sushi has been rooted in downtown Fergus for years, recognized as a superior dining experience with a varied menu of sushi options and fresh ingredients this restaurant holds true to the traditions of the food it serves but brings it to us in a casual and fun way. Dine in or take-out, but expect to be impressed.

Ikiru Sushi
141 St. Andrew Street West
Fergus Ontario N1M1N6

Hours of Operation