Exterior stone walls of a heritage building in downtown Fergus with a rounded windows atop a large, dark painted wooden doorframe, where the door is open to an interior alcove, where a white door on the right side leads into the pub. The stone building is part of a larger unit, and has a rounded window atop a square framed window, beneath a flag sign in a red and black tartan print that reads Leslie Public House in yellow letters. A round wooden sign is attached to the front of the building that has the same tartan and logo on it, with a chalkboard attached. A sandwich board on the sidewalk out front displays the daily features.

An authentic Scottish pub atmosphere tucked into a historic building in the heart of downtown Fergus, the Leslie Public House has quickly established itself as a place where locals meet and where visitors seek out a genuine slice of Fergus culture. With an extensive selection of beers on tap and a stocked bar, the menu is perfectly paired for a casual meal best shared with friends. A patio out back and live entertainment on special nights up front, this pub is a lively place where community happens.

Leslie Public House
216 St. Andrew Street West
Fergus Ontario N1M1N7

Hours of Operation