Exterior heritage building with deep blue wood panelling and three windows set midway, each displaying a local event poster. Double blue framed doors are on the step up on the far right side of the pub. Large blue metal lights curve to hang over the gold lettered sign that reads" Shepherd's Pub. A red potted plant is left of the doors, to the right is a blue framed menu board. A sandwich board sign to the right of the signs lists the daily specials and what's on tap.

Closed until new re-opening:


Nestled amongst the shops of Elora’s Mill Street West, the Shepherd’s Pub exudes the charm of its historic home with limestone walls and windows overlooking the Grand River. The ultimate pub experience, this is a popular gathering spot, with a wide variety of local, craft and imported beers, always changing to expose their customers to new and different tastes, and a menu that blends the traditional pub fare with the creative takes on classic dinners. From live music and trivia nights, to impromptu fun in an atmosphere that is centered on community, there is something for everyone and a good time will be had by all.

Shepherd’s Pub
8 Mill Street West
Elora Ontario N0B1S0

Hours of Operation