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  1. Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games

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    Aye, can you hear the pipes calling you back?  Haste ye back to the Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games!

    They say it’s like visiting Scotland, without the airfare. We think they’re right.  So pack your bags, your kilts and your Scottish pride (hey, you can even borrow it – be a Scots for a day!) and come to one of the best festivals in the province.

    The Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games is a true celebration of Scottish culture, in the spirit of promoting and preserving the cultural heritage, from the arts and ancestry to the traditional competitions of sport.  For the town of Fergus, rooted in Scottish history, this event is a source of great pride for the community, volunteers and organizers.

    And it’s party to be had!  With a full line-up of music performances, dance and pipe band competitions, the traditional Tattoo and even some celebrity guests, we like to think of it as “Scotland without the jet lag.”

    So get your tartan on and meet us there!


  2. Tartan up! August 10-12

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    You don’t have to be Scottish to LOVE
    the 73rd Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games.
    August 10-12, 2018


    Sure, it helps, but trust us, if you love to celebrate culture, history, food, music, dance, Highland sporting events that you’ll never see at your local soccer field, than do not miss this opportunity to tilt yer kilt!  Besides, when else can you say, “Yer bun’s oot the windae,” and not even raise an eyebrow?  (translation: You’re talking nonsense.).





    Well, we’re not talking nonsense – we know you’ll have the best experience when the town of Fergus rolls out the plaid and celebrates its Scottish roots in a way that will make you feel like you’ve stepped out of Ontario and into Scotland for one big party.


    Our friend Scott sums it up best: “I am a sucker for the Scottish Festival. I hear the pipes and my chest hair starts growing.” (He isn’t exaggerating, we’ve stood next to him at the Pipes, Plaid and Pageantry Parade).






    Want to have a wee bit of fun?  Tartan up, dress up your bairn and gather your clan! 


    There’s a lot to pack into one weekend, so here is our Top 10 things you must do at this year’s
    Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games:


    1. The Pipes Plaid and Pageantry Parade is the ultimate greeting of friends from far and wide, welcoming them to Fergus and to the games. It brings everyone together in the heart of downtown Fergus. It’s a grand welcoming fit for a festival that draws people from around the world.
    2. Outlander fan? Oh yeah, you are! Did you know the author of the Outlander series – Diana Gabaldon–  loves the Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games? True fact. So this year, the organizers are bringing actor Graham McTavish, the Scottish actor who brilliantly portrays Dougal MacKenzie to the screen as War Chieftain of Clan MacKenzie.  And if you’ve not caught up on that series (you seriously should), you’ll know Graham from The Hobbit, where he portrays Dwalin.
    3. Let’s go out on the skite! The Highland Pub is the place where friends new and old gather for some amazing music, a few pints and a whole lot of dancing. The acts this year are stellar, but we’re just going to tip you off one of our favourites. Be sure to catch a show with Albannach. They will leave an impression. Enjoy!
    4. We love to shop the well-sourced Vendor Alley. All the Scottish treasures, from unique wares and souvenirs, are perfect for collectors and those who are looking for momentos of the best weekend of summer. But we loosen our kilt button to enjoy the amazing food and there’s loads of it, so feast up and you’ll find the well tidy scran (food tastes delicious) from the Scottish fare to the classic eats of festival goers.
    5. Get to the Friday Night Tattoo. It’s a must. It’s an incredible spectacle of culture, ancestry, music and tradition. It’s a highlight of the weekend, with a moving atmosphere that sets the tone for the festival weekend. It is a grand event for the whole family.
    6. If you’ve never been to the Heavies Competition, plan plenty of time to catch as many events as possible. Until you’ve seen an athlete toss a caber, throw a hammer, or pitch a sheaf toss, you cannot appreciate the strength and skill. But the best part? The competition and heartfelt camaraderie is like no other sporting event you will ever attend. We spend hours each day watching as many events as we can pack in. There is nothing like it.
    7. The Highland Dance competitions are serious business, but so much fun to watch. You’ll have a whole new appreciation for the endurance and tradition of these dancers who come from far and away to compete at one of the most successful Scottish festivals in North America.
    8. Get out and explore downtown Fergus, where the shops, pubs and all points in between are set to make your experience here top notch, with everything from the fun of a true Ceilidh, to roving pipes and drummers through the streets, psychic fairs and Ghost Walks, to pubs showcasing awesome live music – and of course, the restaurants will be serving up delicious menu items to get into the momentum too. Fergus honours its Scottish heritage all year ‘round, but there is no finer time to feel it in the air than the weekend of the Fergus Scottish Festival.
    9. Don’t just watch it all, take part. The Heritage Village is a great interactive area and a place to learn about everything you’re seeing firsthand. Take time and take it all in.
    10. Do not miss the Red Hot Chilli Pipers. Friday night. Main Field. Big stage. Big show. HUGE sound. You will understand why they call it “bagrock.” Worth it. Trust us.


    opening ceremony


    Whether you come for a day or come for the entire weekend, you’ll enjoy the hospitality when an entire town gets behind the Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games to celebrate Scottish culture and history and culture. You’ll feel like, for a time, you were in Scotland – without the jet lag!. (Note: Some of us will experience post-pub lag, which is a totally different thing).



    We’ll see you there! 






  3. Fergus Medieval Faire

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    Fergus Medieval Faire logo

    Armour up! Fergus is about to go Medieval.


    Fergus is a beautiful historic town, but it’s about to go MEDIEVAL!

    On Saturday, July 28, the merchants of Downtown Fergus will host the Fergus Medieval Faire, inviting everyone to take a step back in time with a full day of fun. And seriously, who doesn’t want to see a Knight in Shining Armour parade through downtown on his trusted stead Fergus? Sign us up!


    Medieval Themed Activities


    The Medieval Faire will run from 11am to 6pm and feature an array of hands-on activities, interactive experiences, live Celtic music, specialty foods and more. Best of all – this event is FREE for all. It’s just about having a fun experience in a town that knows how to make an event special for everyone!

    Take part in some Medieval-themed games, or watch archery by professionals who know how to hit the mark. Watch the falcons take flight right over our heads. There is nothing like seeing these beautiful birds spread their wings and dip through the air. Incredible!

    We’re excited for the Medieval re-enactment group. Who doesn’t enjoy the sound of the clash of swords in make-believe battles, or some hand-to-hand combat stunts performed by trained professionals who love to bring history to life. We totally do.

    The Viking encampment sounds intriguing, so we’re keen to explore that. Hope they are ready for questions, ‘cause we’re going to have lots!


    Fight the Knight


    Gear up the kids for a chance to do battle too in a fun Fight the Knight competition.  For the wee ones, there will be puppet shows and Medieval story telling too. But we’re sure that the sight of horses, knights and fair maidens wandering the street will be enough to amaze them. It doesn’t get more interactive than that!


    Iron Forge Masters


    We’re stoked to watch the live iron forge masters craft unique metal pieces from the coals of their hot fire. It’s an art form like no other. The armour display will showcase the skill it takes to make these massive pieces. But in a completely different artistic format, textile artists will exhibit their weaving and spinning skills. It’s equally impressive.


    Shop in Downtown Fergus


    Downtown Fergus is a great place to shop in modern day, so imagine the fun to be had shopping on this historic Medieval Faire event. We’re sure the merchants will get into the spirit of the day and add to the character of the day. Plus, specialty vendors will make for a colourful outdoor marketplace too.

    The fun and frolicking will go on throughout downtown Fergus so be sure to pick up a map of the Medieval Faire Sites & Exhibits at the Welcome Station in front of the Fergus Library.


    Medieval Feast


    Once you’ve worked up an appetite, put your money on the table, because they’ll be serving up a Medieval Feast at 6pm. We’re sure they aren’t using utensils, so maybe don’t wear a white shirt. (That’s a free tip! You’re welcome.)


    Fergus Ghost Walk


    And if you are feeling brave, the Fergus Ghost Walk will bring history to life in a whole different way starting at 8pm. Admission fees are available here.

    See you in Downtown Fergus on July 28th!



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