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  1. Fabulous Fergus Pub Night

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    Need a night out on the town? The team behind Sensational Elora have created a Fabulous Fergus Pub Night event to bring people together to enjoy pub a proper pub experience. With great food and the beverages we enjoy, in an atmosphere that feels like home, await you on Sensational Elora’s tour of Fergus Pubs. You’re not going to want to miss it.

    Special three-course menus will be offered at each of the following fabulous Fergus pubs: the Breadalbane’s Fergusson Room, The Brew House On The Grand, and The Goofie Newfie.  Participants register and will be contacted with an assigned a pub to start the evening’s fun, and then lead to their next pub and next course of deliciousness with a group of travelling musicians leading the way.

    Book in for the fun!



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