Exterior of a brown siding building with stone foundation and a large, bright red door with black trim. A flower pot sits outside the door entrance. A small blue framed chalkboard details the daily specials.

An ideal location for those who crave freshly made meals but are looking for alternative choices. These two sites work harmoniously together in one convenient location that caters to vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free choices that ensure healthy, hearty ingredients.

The Red Door Café overlooks the Riverwalk in downtown Fergus from a spacious dining room. There is something for everyone and every dietary need on the menu, with daily specials that have quickly become customer favourites. Whether you are shopping for basics to cook at home or are looking for a nice meal out, the Fountain Head Health Store is a well-stocked store for the staple items people trust, with knowledgeable staff who understand the products they sell and serve. Healthy tastes great here.

Red Door Cafe
212 St. Andrew Street West
Fergus Ontario N1M1N7

Hours of Operation