Stay the Night

Sleepovers are awesome here. You’ve got lots of options, but we’re sharing a few of our favourites.

Ever sleep in a renovated shipping container complete with an outdoor hot tub overlooking the Grand River? You can. Or glamped in the forest in the middle of a farm field with a group of your friends? Or maybe you’d like to sleep in a historic home or carriage house transformed into a modern bed and breakfast. And for the comforts of home, our Airbnb hosts offer a diverse range of locations, each with a character all their own.

If you seek luxury, the Elora Mill will welcome your reservation. Cherished inns offer a romantic getaway. Hotels and motels are also nearby, with clean rooms and great locations.

Of course, if you want to sleep in the forest, we are home to perhaps the prettiest campgrounds in Ontario; The Elora Gorge Conservation Area. Highland Pines Campground is another great family-friendly option for overnight camping just minutes from Elora and Fergus in Belwood.

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