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  1. Weiner Dog Race Night

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    Oh yes, we’re serious … it’s a thing.

    And it’s a blast! It’s a howl, in fact. You’ll be barking with laughter watching these little dogs race on the big racetrack.

    This is serious fun. Come cheer on your favourite wee little dog! You’re in for a real treat. So are they


  2. Weiner Dog Races at Grand River Raceway

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    Back by popular demand, one of the biggest events of the Grand River Raceway season features 30 Dachshunds in a bid for glory.

    Enjoy a night of racing action that you’re sure never to forget, with full-on fun for the whole family!

    4 Weiner dog races and 10 horse races. That’s a full card!

    And remember – there are no losers, only wieners on July 5 at Grand River Raceway.

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