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22nd Annual Fergus Antique and Classic Car Show


It all starts at 6 PM, September 7th, 2018

Get your motor running at the 22 annual Downtown Fergus Antique & Classic Car Show.


Antique Car


This is our idea of a PERFECT Friday night in downtown Fergus. Ready? It goes like this …


We jump in our ’67 Mustang, affectionately known as Ruby Tuesday. She’s a beauty, a classic fastback contour design, painted candy apple red, naturally, (not because it’s cliché, but because this is our fantasy and we believe it needs to be the glossiest red paint job on the planet).  The polished silver racing rims glisten in the late afternoon sun.  A tiny disco ball dangles from a silver thread off the rearview mirror. (It’s our fantasy, so no fuzzy dice here).


At a speed that is totally within the speed limit, (law abiding, because we love where we love), but in a car that sounds like it wants to rip up the pavement with so much horsepower under the hood that it should have wings, we throw it in gear and head to downtown Fergus for the 22 annual Downtown Antique & Classic Car Show.



We can picture it now. Classic cars of every colour, make and model you can hope for lining St. Patrick Street, angled to show their best features, (as if a classic car has a bad side), set out on display for all those who want to take a walk down memory lane – or motor lane, as they call it.


We register our classic beauty for a chance to win one of three prizes, because we know the judges are totally going to love our car. Who wouldn’t?  We pull up alongside a crisp white ’63 split window Corvette. Hello Gorgeous! Just as we’re enjoying that view, a ’56 Ford Fairlane Convertible rides up beside us with a baby blue and white exterior original paint job and soft blue seats. Outstanding! We’re in good company here.


We put Ruby Tuesday in park, get out to give our beautiful car one last polish. It’s showtime!



Before we know it, the street is full of classic cars, antiques, and people are everywhere strolling with their friends and families, taking in the marvel that is a celebration of our love for the automobile.  This is car heaven.  We can’t help but be impressed of the caliber of classic and antique cars and the preservation it takes for these car owners. Pride is evident. And the crowds love it too, as they pass by in awe of these cars that take them to a place in their memory, a drive back in time.


To make it even more fun, live entertainment plays, the shops stay open late and friends gather together – and it’s all free. FREE!  And because this is as much about cars as it is community, the organizers (the Fergus BIA) ask for non-perishable food donations as a contribution to the Centre Wellington Food Bank.


Ruby Tuesday may just be our fantasy car. So, let’s be honest – we’re going to pull up in our Toyota Matrix and stroll past all the dream machines at the 22nd annual Downtown Fergus Antique & Classic Car Show, because dreams have to start somewhere. And this show makes for an ideal Friday night in an ideal town. We’re pretty revved up about it!


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