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Art is our heart

Art is our heart.

As you wander throughout the downtown streets and riverside views of Fergus and Elora, you’ll discover that art is at the heart of our communities.

Not only do we have a thriving arts community here, where creativity is inspired daily by our natural environment, but we also believe in making art accessible, attainable and a part of the landscape. If you look around, you’ll find artistic expression everywhere in the hearts of our historic towns.

‘Before Knowing’ is a sculpture about the desire and fear of being known by another. Two tentative and curious creatures, vastly different, discover a friend. These objects serve as a reminder of what was, what is and what could be. ‘Before Knowing’ explores emotions and feelings (which come and go). While being made of robust materials, they speak of impermanence. Sculpture artist Erin Perry. Photo by Lianne Carter

The Elora Sculpture Project has added character and beauty to downtown streets and walkways. Take a tour around either town and you’ll find inspired pieces of intriguing sculptures.

If you’re in Fergus, walk riverside along the manicured pathways alongside the Grand River and you’ll see sculptures set in amongst the gardens and natural beauty that overlook the waterfalls.

In Elora, sculpture pieces can be found in interesting places throughout the downtown core, encouraging art lovers to tour beyond the main streets.

And of course, there is perhaps the most famous sculpture in town, known to the locals as Tall Man. Located in the Elora Greenspace, in the heart of the village, stands a giant sculpture of a finger pointing figure by artist Scott McNicol. The piece is titled “Who’s in Charge,” and it has become a central fixture to the gardens and greenspace. Get your phones out and snap a photo of you and your friends with this grand landmark.  And if you post a photo with the big fella, tag us in on Instagram @visitelorafergus.

Tall Man Photo by Bill Longshaw

Be sure to seek out the artisan shops too, featuring hand-crafted pieces of pottery, jewellery, blown and designed glass creations, fine art paintings, wood working, quilts, photography and more. Best of all, most times you’ll get you’ll meet the maker and talk about their inspiration. Living here is inspiration enough.

You’ll find even more art in the heart of Elora at the Elora Centre for the Arts. Located just a few blocks from downtown, at the cross of Melville and Mill Streets, sits a historic landmark that has been lovingly restored as a celebration of the local arts community. The old walls are alive and thriving with creative energy. Take in a free art exhibit in the Minarovich Gallery and browse local wares in the Artisan Shop. The grounds include the Outdoor Pathways Project outdoor art pieces and sculpture, a beautiful spot to picnic and appreciate that art is everywhere here.

This delightfully whimsical section of the Pathways project was created by Supportive Arts participants. Photo by Lianne Carter

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