Grand Experiences

Bet on fun at Grand River Raceway

If you’ve never experienced the live-action thrill of getting up-close to the finish line, the thunder of hooves on the track, the cheers of the crowd, the excitement as the horses take that last turn for the straightaway, then we encourage you to enjoy a summer night at Grand River Raceway. From June to September,…

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Grand adventures in Elora & Fergus

Thrill Rides Forget amusement parks, our thrill rides are the real deal and Mother Nature is in control. You’ll never get a better view of the Elora Gorge than from the waters of the Grand River, and you’ll never have more fun than doing so than on a big, bouncy inflatable inter-tube. Choose your own…

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Elora Cataract Trailway: The Trail That Leads Everywhere

There is no such thing as a road less travelled here, because as much as we love our downtown streets and neighbourhood crescents, it’s our unpaved trails that connect us – to nature, to our communities and to a lifestyle that makes time for the things that matter. In a place as beautiful as this,…

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Elora Quarry: A Summer Tradition

Floaties. Check. Cooler. Check. Towels and bathing suits. Check. Sunscreen. Check. What else do we need? A car load of our pals, our Bluetooth speaker, Jack’s playlist and enough cash to get us through the gate. Check. And we’re off to the ultimate summer tradition: a day at the Elora Quarry. Forget the lake. It’s…

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