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Fergus Tartan Day 2018

Fergus Tartan Day 2018

Fergus Tartan Day 2018


Break out the tartans and the itchy woolen socks, strap on the sporran and polish the boots. Then head to downtown Fergus for a day of fun on April 8, from 1-5pm. (Aye, but rest assured the party goes on much longer! Surely you can too.).

Fergus Tartan Day is a street party worthy of Scottish tradition.


Fergus Tartan Day


There will be live street performances by Celtic Jazz/Funk band Skril, plus the Blue Bonnet Dancers will perform their award-winning Highland dance routines out front of the Fergus Library. Celtic Henna tattoos will be offered by artist David Rankine, at The Bookery. Visit other participating stores who will also be celebrating in this festive event in their own unique ways. And if you don’t have Scottish gear, we know you’ll find it here. The Scottish Shop will bring the Highlands to you.

Bringing the wee lads and lassies?  They’ll get in on the fun too with the McHeavies events, archery skills (don’t worry – they use foam-tipped arrows) and can hurry-hard to hit the button on the outdoor curling rink.



Take a fun and entertaining walking tour of the downtown and learn just how deep our Scottish roots go.

Pack your sneakers and be sure you’ve got some shorts tucked under that tartan because we’ve got an event sure to put the breeze up yer kilt. The Kilted Kilometer is a quick dash through the streets of Fergus which makes for a great family-friendly event for those who can muster the run, but also a most colourful spectator sport for those happy enough to cheer from the sidelines! Join in the race at 1:30 outside Fraberts Fresh Foods at the Fergus Marketplace.



But don’t get too winded, because we have an epic Pub Crawl to keep the party moving. With live acts, special Celtic fare and of course, pints a plenty, the pubs and restaurants of downtown Fergus are getting into the spirit of Tartan Day too. And we don’t just walk from pub to pub. No way! What kind of Tartan Day would it be without the pipers?  We’ve asked them to lead the way! It’s a beautiful sight, to roam the streets led by members of the Fergus Pipe Band and Grand Celtic Pipe Band, as they march us through town. See what awaits you at each destination.

The Brew House – The Fitzgerald’s

The Goofie Newfie – Fiddlestix

The Leslie Public House – Adam Shaw

The Breadalbane – Iona Fyfe

Red Door Café – A five course meal and live music

North River Lounge – $5 pints of Stout, Scotch Eggs and Deep Fried Mars Bars

And remember – you don’t have to be Scottish to party like you are Scottish. This is a cultural celebration that includes everyone.  If there was ever a time to pull out your plaid and get in on the action, Tartan Day is it.


We hope to you see you and yours join in
with us and ours this year!

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